I’m not too sure about Alphabeat’s music, it’s a just a bit too unashamedly ‘pop’ for me. You might remember the inane but infectiously catchy ‘Boyfriend’ from last year. Even if you don’t, when I tell you that the Danish band’s influences are Wham! and Abba, you’ll get the picture. Having said that, the cover for their debut UK CD, ‘This is Alphabeat’, is a graphic designer’s wet dream. With echoes of Peter Blake, Victorian poster type and nursery building blocks, it’s colourful, quirky and nostalgic. Which begs two questions. Firstly, would you buy a CD on the strength of its cover art? And secondly, anyone out there know who designed this little beauty?


Rebecca Woodhead said...

I agree with you on the Cover Art design. Good design. Reminds me of something but I can't think what.

You know Jim, if you fancy a break from the urbane and stylish, you're welcome over at my gaff. We accept Londoners as long as they wipe their feet first. It's not quite as well put together as yours but we make a good cuppa. The main topics of convo are writing on a budget and... well that's it basically but I'm sure an alternative view would be appreciated. Pop along and put up a comment with a site link if you like. Get some people over. Liven the place up a bit (bit of a Withnail and I quote for you.) :)



jim said...

Thanks Rebecca, but I don't know why you assume we are in London. In fact we are just down the road from you in Warwickshire. Yes, we're city defectors, and our clients tend to be in London but we've been up here for ten years now... will pop in soon and wipe my feet. Jim

Rebecca Woodhead said...

I was so hoping for a simple 'we're not from London.' That would have made my day. Oh well, that'll teach me not to set up lines. I advise you to turn your attention to the legumes without hesitation, then wipe your feet and head over to the blogstead. We are celebrating the great good fortune of winning the Blog of the Day Award and sorting out our heating problem in the same week. We hope eventually to win Blog of the Week - if such an award exists. Blog of the month may be an award too far.

I am dizzy with success. Tea and cake for all.


batman said...

how do these comment things work then?

robin said...

If you like album covers there are loads of fantastic old, new, wacko LP artworks on www.lpcoverlover.com
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Cool website....keep bloggin

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