Burnfoot is a single Highland malt whisky, available only at international duty-free outlets. Aimed at the younger, but still discerning whisky drinker, the design by navyblue adds an unusually modern twist, with fluorescent colour and contemporary typography. totalcontent provided the back of pack copy, taking the brand back to its roots with a small-but-perfectly formed tale of small-time bandits, smugglers and wary crofters tending their illicit whisky stills in a geological setting tailor-made for the ancient art of whisky making.

The 14 November 2008 issue of Design Week came complete with the annual Creative Survey. Jim contributed the sign-off article, in which he shares the benefit of his experience with a look at the dos and don’ts of writing for different media – from packs and print to online and speechwriting. There’s also an accompanying podcast, where he fields questions from DW editor Lynda Relph-Knight on the role of words in design. You can hear Jim’s dulcets by clicking through here.

ProGolf IQ is a new ‘brain training’ audio technique that helps to get your mind in tip-top shape for golf. Developed by a noted Australian psychologist, the five-week programme promises to put you ‘in the zone’ before you take each shot and radically improve your game. totalcontent was asked to write extensive web site copy, an online video script, and press ads, explaining the often complex ins and outs of the programme in a golfer-friendly way. The look and feel was designed by the recently formed, but highly talented,Magpie Studio. Now, where's my four iron?

It’s time for Jim to don the trusty wig and gown once more, as he has been invited to judge two of the UK’s leading design awards for 2009.

In November, he’ll be reprising his role as part of the Print Jury at the two-dayDesign Week Awards judging. There’s always a frightening amount of work to assess in a short space of time, but checking out the most inspiring graphic design of the year, and hanging out with the leading lights of the industry makes it a real pleasure.

Then in April, Jim will take his place on D&AD’s Writing for Design jury. It’s his second stint on this one, and he will be joined by Adrian Shaughnessey, John Simmons, Elmwood’s Richard Scholey, and several other old friends. This has quite a different vibe from DW, and while it’s tricky judging one type of writing against another, the day looks set to be a real eye-opener as usual.